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National Utilities is your partner for flowmeters. We can discuss the advantages of variable area vs. positive displacement, or Magmeters vs. turbine. The combination of the vast knowledge we have and the many products we offer makes us your partner for flow instrumentation.


Flowmeter Basics:

Flowmeters may be one of the more difficult products to specify.  Most often, the conditions of your flow will dictate which meter will be used.  They can range in price from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.  Please refer to How to Specify a Flowmeter.

When considering a flowmeter, there are many options available; displays, no moving parts, analog output, switch output, direct or remote mount displays, invasive or non invasive.  Of course, National Utilities offers all of these type of options with quality manufacturers such as GPI, Kobold, Sierra, Blue-White just to name a few.


Types of Flowmeters:

Variable Area - low cost, 2-5% accuracy, liquid or gas, usually sight indication.

Paddle Switch - low cost, 5-30% accuracy, liquid or gas, only flow or no-flow.

Paddle Wheel - 2-5% accuracy, liquid service, various analog outputs.

Turbine Meter - 0.5% to 3% accuracy, usually liquid, various analog outputs.

PD or Positive Displacement Meter - 0.1% to 2% accurate, liquids, various analog outputs, one of most accurate.

Magmeter  ( ElectroMagnetic) - 0.5% accuracy or so, analog output, no moving parts, come with may options standard.

Thermal Dispersion or Calorimetric - 5% accuracy, many times used in flow/no-flow applications.

Pelton Wheel - 1%-3% accuracy, radial turbine.

Differential Pressure - 0.1% to 3% accuracy, can be very accurate in the right conditions.

Magnetic Inductive - 1% to 2% accuracy, no moving parts.

Coriolis Mass Flowmeter - down to 0.1% accuracy, can be expensive but very accurate, no moving parts.

Vortex Shedding - 0.1% to 3% accuracy, analog outputs, a great way to measure steam and large pipe applications.

Mass Flow - 0.5% to 2% accuracy, somewhat expensive.

Dopler and Transit Time - non invasive.