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Valve Sizing (manual and control)

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Type of Valve
(ball, gate, globe, butterfly, etc)
Media   ____________________
Pressure Min _____ Normal _____ Max _____
Temperature Min _____ Normal _____ Max _____
Required Flow or Cv Min _____ Normal _____ Max _____
Manual, on/off Automated or Positioning /Modulating?  
Material of Construction   _______________
Stem & Seat Packing material  _______________
Shut Off Class    _______________
Connection type and size  _______________
Acceptable pressure drop  _______________
Actuator _______________
Fail open, closed, double acting __________
Material of construction  __________
Pneumatic-Air Pressure: Solenoid on Actuator?: NEMA Rating:
Electric- voltage: Speed: NEMA Rating:
Positioner (if required)
i/p, p/p, digital, self operating, other  _______________
NEMA  _____ Accuracy  _____ Voltage to positioner  _____
Limit switches, etc.  __________

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