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National Utilities is proud of our staff.

They are extremely capable, efficient, knowledgable, and eager to assist our customers and vendors.

If you need to check status of an order, get technical help, or troubleshoot a problem, we think you will find our staff to be some of the best in the industry!

Perry Devlin - Outside Sales, 25 years of sales experience.

Dean Brandner - Outside Sales, 21 years of sales experience.

Austin Neumann - Outside Sales

Brad Larson - Inside Sales, 10 years of sales and technical experience.

David Schmid - Inside Sales, 15 years of sales and technical experience.

Eric Franson - Inside Sales

Gerard Edwards - Assembly and Returns

Mary Radloff - Office Support, order expediting and tracking, accounts payable and receivable, order entry, purchasing.

Melody Devlin - Customer Service / Expediting

Jake - Shipping

Other support - Jack, Chris, Dyan, Mike, and Kerry.  Thanks for all you do.